A little help ~ chase_active

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A little help ~ chase_active

Post by sardine » 08 Apr 2010, 15:28

Hello people

I was told how to set up a chase camera, like a third person view some time ago. It is pretty helpful especially while being flagcarrier or playing 1on1 deathmatch because it increases your sight extremely.
There are two simple steps to have a nice third person view when holding a button.

Step 1: The settings
You need to configure your chase camera. Therefore you need to open the console with the binding you have already set up (if not, go to Settings -> Input -> Client -> Enter Console and change the button to whatever you want. I personally use the + button.).

You can do this while being ingame, but also if it's just the startup screen you see.

Code: Select all

chase_up 20
chase_back 300

This configures the settings of the third-person-view-camera. You can play around with it, as I did. This setting seems to be the best for me so far.

Step 2: The Binding
The next and last step configures a specific binding to activate and deactivate the chase camera.
For this you need to go to Settings -> Input -> User defined -> userbindXY.
If you click on it, a little pop-up appears.
There it says: Name, Command when pressed, Command when released.
You fill in the following code:

Code: Select all

Name:                  chase
Command when pressed:  chase_active 1
Command when released: chase_active 0
The last part here is to connect the binding with a button.
Therefore you press 'Save' on the pop-up and click on the button 'Change Key'.
Then you need to press the button you want the binding to be. I choose < for my chase-binding.

And you are done.
Try it out, have fun with the chase function.

gl, h5, greetings,

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Re: A little help ~ chase_active

Post by AsgaR » 07 May 2010, 13:37

Hey there,
thank you very much for this, you told it to me, but my config.cfg was reseted and i didnt know the bind anymore.
So thank you again, its helpfulle for me on dance and lostspace2 while im flagcarrier :D

AsgaR :narr:

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