Config file for old hardware / laptops

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Config file for old hardware / laptops

Post by eL_Bart0 » 15 Mar 2010, 14:52

In an attempt to make Nexuiz run smooth on my old laptop (Intel 2,66ghz PIII, 512mb ram, Ati Radeon Mobility 9000) i spent a lot of hours to tweak Nexuiz settings to look not totally screwed and be performant, actually. Now i want to share this stuff with you, so you can save yourself the hassle to come up with this thingy on your own.

Here comes the config:

Code: Select all

set cl_decals 0
set cl_stainmaps 0
set cl_nogibs 1
set cl_noplayershadow 1
set cl_particles_blood 0
set cl_particles_bubbles 0
set cl_particles_bulletimpacts 0
set cl_particles_explosions_bubbles 0
set cl_particles_explosions_shell 0
set cl_particles_explosions_smokes 0
set cl_particles_explosions_sparks 0
set cl_particles_quality 0.5
set cl_particles_rain 0
set cl_particles_size 0.5
set cl_particles_smoke 0
set cl_particles_snow 0
set cl_particles_sparks 0
set gl_picmip 2
set gl_texture_anisotropy 1
set r_detailtextures 0
set r_picmipworld 1
set gl_flashblend 0
set gl_polyblend 0
set r_shadow_bumpscale_basetexture 0
set r_shadow_bumpscale_bumpmap 0
set r_waterscroll 0
set r_waterwarp 0
set r_bloom 0
set r_coronas 0
set r_depthfirst 0
set r_drawfog 0
set r_dynamic 0
set r_glsl_deluxemapping 0
set r_glsl_offsetmapping 0
set r_glsl_offsetmapping_reliefmapping 0
set r_glsl_water 0
set r_hdr 0
set r_lerplightstyles 0
set r_shadow_gloss 0
set r_shadow_glsl_offsetmapping 0
set r_shadow_realtime_dlight 0
set r_shadow_realtime_dlight_shadows 0
set r_shadow_realtime_world 0
set r_shadow_realtime_world_dlightshadows 0
set r_shadow_realtime_world_shadows 0
set r_shadow_usenormalmap 0
set vid_samples 1
set ambient_level 0
set g_ctf_fullbrightflags 1
set g_fullbrightplayers 1
set g_player_brightness 2
set r_ambient 0
set r_fullbright 1
set r_fullbrights 0
set g_fullbrightitems 1
Those settings are best saved to a file called autoexec.cfg! Now comes the complicated part: It's in a different location on every operating system ;/
I would advise you to check out this website:
It will tell you in detail, where you can find this file on your OS, so you can create it and paste the settings in there.

I hope this is of use for some of you :) Also i would be happy if you had some usefull suggestions to make the config even better. Keep in mind that this config is not only about performance, but actually keeps most of the textures and only removes virtually every visual effect to improve the overall performance. I'm going to post a pure performance config within a few days, too. So if you got a really old and crappy computer you should be able to run Nexuiz with these performance config :)

Also make sure to type this on console: showfps 1
You can see the performance of your graphics card then every time. The more FPS the better, for sure :D

That's all for now. Greetings.

-- eL_Bart0

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Re: Config file for old hardware / laptops

Post by Slup » 03 Apr 2010, 08:55

ty barto :P
i hope it works :D

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