Me and my crazy stuff: IRC client in the game

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Me and my crazy stuff: IRC client in the game

Postby Akari » 06 Feb 2011, 21:10

yo dawg, I herd u liek irc and nexuiz, so we put irc in your nexuiz so u can chat while you own.

I have started playing Warsow recently, and accidentally found out about it's IRC module, which lets you use IRC directly from the game. I tried it out on my bouncer and really liked it, and I thought "Damn! I must have this in nexuiz". A day of C hacking resulted into this:


My client lacks functionality of a full-featured IRC client (meaning it can't connect to multiple servers at once, too. That would make implementation and usage too complicated), but is perfectly usable for quickly IRCing from the game. On the screenshots, it's connected to my bouncer but of course it works with normal IRC servers. It's controled from the game console (commands and cvars have irc_ prefix, all of them are documented), it's also possible to input messages by pressing a key (much like T for normal game chat or Y for teamchat), input is split into target/message part. If anyone is interested in this, I will release the source and perhaps binaries for windows and linux, I just need to improve the code a little and add a few features. I will post more information later.
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Re: Me and my crazy stuff: IRC client in the game

Postby sardine » 12 Feb 2011, 12:43

If this was facebook then i would do this: *like*
looks like a beautiful project :)
gj so far!
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