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The explosive mod

PostPosted: 01 Nov 2010, 08:52
by Akari
AKA Akari's Massive Massacre Mod (AMMM), as subSYStem calls it.

Although this one is a very simple modification, it changes the regular minsta gameplay alot. Basically, it enhances your gun with the power of rocket launcher. It means that your shots will hit instantly, just like in normal minstagib, but will also cause radius damage much like the rocket launcher or the mortar in addition to the normal minsta shot. It leaves place for many tricks, for example, on some maps (like lostspace) you can cause damage through platforms and walls (and I've seen some people *points at Nesquick* doing epic frags with it). A combo of "send you oponent in the air; aim; kill" is also very common. It is also useful to deal with base campers (there's just too much fun in pushing them off).

Where you can try it out
This mod currently runs on the following servers - a public server of The Badass Choobs, set up by arikel, spook and me. The hosting is provided by the UFB team, hence the name. If explosions aren't active, call a vote for "explosion_on" (vcall explosion_on). Likewise, vcall explosion_off also works to disable it. Always runs the latest release version.
Nightflight ( - a server of nityl from DBC, also known as demo. Currently runs version 8, vanilla minsta is not available, UFB-like settings.
TBC CTF (cr0) - another server of the choobs, hosted by synap. It's an almost exact copy of UFB.
TBC DM (cr0) - just like the one above, but it's running deathmatch instead of CTF. - a server of mine, not suitable for "real" matches, but rather for testing only. Always runs the latest development version.
Where you can get it
You don't need to download the mod in order to play it, information below is only useful for those who want to host it.

Version 9 full package - contains source and a binary

Older versions:
Version 8 full package
Version 7 full package
Version 6 pre-compiled
Version 6 source code
Version 5 pre-compiled
Version 5 source code
Version 4 pre-compiled
Version 4 source code
Version 3 pre-compiled
Version 3 source code
Version 2 source code

Version 9
  • Visualy improved damage indicator.
  • Fixed colors in Nexuiz's teamkill message.
  • Added a teamkill message for victims.
  • Laserfrags are how detected, additional score may be given if g_explosive_score_laserfrag is set.
  • Added Explosive modifiers to list of modifications displayed near the MOTD.
  • New feature: rage mode. When enabled, killing sprees are detected. If a player's killing spree exceeds a certain value, their explosions will become twice as powerful.
    • g_explosive_rage controls how much kills are required. If 0 or not specified, rage mode is disabled.
    • g_explosive_rage_timeout controls how much time (in secods) without fragging should pass to drop a killing spree. If 0 or not specified, the default value of 5 is used.
  • Minsta beams are now drawn (finally!).
  • Fragging by hooking is now considered a hookfrag.

Version 8
  • Changed the hookfrag message to display name of the victim
  • Added a damage indicator that displays how much damage you dealt when you attack, or how much damage you suffered when you're being attacked. It also displays name of the attacker/victim, if possible. Can be turned off with cvar g_explosive_hidedamage
  • Hooking an enemy now causes damage
  • It's now possible to control the weapon recoil (or "weapon jump", as some players tend to call it). Set g_explosive_norecoil to 1 to disable it.

Version 7
  • It is now possible to use custom hook hitsounds. If misc/hit_hook.wav or misc/teamhit_hook.wav have been found, the game will use them. Otherwise, default sounds are used.
  • Hookfrags are now detected, and it's possible to give score for them. Amount of score is controlled by cvar g_explosive_score_hookfrag
  • New hook breakablility rules allow you to customize whether self and/or team hookbreaking (or hookbreaking in general) is allowed or not:
    • g_explosive_hook_breakable defines whether it's possible to break hooks or not
    • g_explosive_hook_breakable_self defines whether it's possible to break your own hook or not
    • g_explosive_hook_breakable_team defines whether it's possible to break hooks of your teammates or not
    Note: undefined cvars evaluate to False, that means, the hook is not breakable by default anymore. You must explicitly allow breakability if you need it.
  • Hook rules now apply only in explosive mode, unless explicitly forced with g_explosive_hook_forcerules
  • Changes to meaning of g_balance_minstanex_explosive value:
    • 1: minstabeam will kill instantly and explosion will cause some damage
    • 2: minstabeam will do no damage but will push with more force on a direct hit and explosion will cause some damage
    • 3: minstabeam will kill instantly and explosion will cause no damage
    • 0: minstabeam will kill instantly, explosion is disabled
  • When g_explosive_ctf_capheals is 1, a CTF flag capture will restore health to 100, if needed
  • The mod is now packaged in a tar.gz archive, including both sources and a binary

Version 6
  • A hitsound is now played when the player breaks a hook.
  • Fixed a bug with health draining.
  • A sound is now played on health recovery.
  • Health recovery triggers only work in explosive mode, as they should.
  • Fixed 1hp recovery trigger.
  • When a hook is shot off, the damage is now reflected to it's owner. Damage factor can be controled by cvar g_explosive_hook_damagefactor. If it's set to 1, full damage will be reflected; 0.5 means half damage, 2 is double, etc. By default, it's set to 0, meaning that no damage will be reflected. It is recommended to set this value to something lower than 1.

Version 5
  • Fixed a bug when a direct shot didn't kill instantly if health was high.
  • Optional new feature (off by default): health draining. If g_explosive_health_drain is defined, players' health will be decreased by it's value each second until it reaches the value of g_explosive_health_min.
  • It is now easy to unhook people by just shooting at the spot it's attached to.

Version 4
  • When the explosive mode is on (g_balance_minstanex_explosive is set), dropped nexes will look and sound like health bonuses, although they behave the same way as before. This is done in hope that people will start picking those up.
  • Optional new feature (off by default): health overflow. By default, when you pick up nex ammo (health bonus for now) it restores your health back to 100, but it does nothing when health is already >= 100. If g_explosive_health_overflow is set and player's health >= 100, the amount of health will be increased by value of g_explosive_health_overflow on health pickup. In other words, if g_explosive_health_overflow = 5 and a healthy player (100 hp) picks up a health bonus, he'd have 105 of health. You can also control the maximum amount of health by the cvar g_explosive_health_max.

Re: The explosive mod

PostPosted: 01 Nov 2010, 11:05
by It'sMe
It is a very nice mod :)

Great job, Akari!

Re: The explosive mod

PostPosted: 01 Nov 2010, 14:10
This mod is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

I still prefer regular minsta but this is SOOOO nice for a change... Will defiantly join the server for some wars from time to time :>

Re: The explosive mod

PostPosted: 01 Nov 2010, 17:55
by Hypnosekröte
n1 work akari .. we will install on FUnserver soon :> with dodging mod :D

Re: The explosive mod

PostPosted: 02 Nov 2010, 09:56
by Akari
A little update - see the changelog. My server has been updated, I have to ask arikel to update UFB now.

Edit: both servers are running v4 now.

Re: The explosive mod

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2010, 15:43
Akari wrote:Changelog
Version 5
  • It is now easy to unhook people by just shooting at the spot it's attached to.

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: The explosive mod

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2010, 07:27
by Akari

Re: The explosive mod

PostPosted: 05 Nov 2010, 10:56
by Akari
Updating faster, improving more. Version 6 is right here, and hopefully will be on UFB/TBC server soon.

Re: The explosive mod

PostPosted: 21 Nov 2010, 19:15
by Akari
Added nityl's server to the list.