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Postby APOPHIS [NK] » 12 Apr 2011, 20:43

Hi friends
I have one request for you. Please Do something to change maps. Still elect someone Lostspace and Dance. That is not normal. Lostspace played the map and now for someone to choose Restart. If it fails, and played another map again elect someone Lostspace. 3 times during one hour, it Lostspace map. I beg you, please, do something with it ....
I play only on the server DTG, but this will not play. Have it with me is wrong as they still play only two maps. I want to play on other maps, but can not because everyone who comes elect Lostspace and Dance. Stop the vote of at least two maps, or something to prevent this
Thank zapochopenie, Greeting APOPHIS (Pavol)
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Re: Maps

Postby sardine » 13 Apr 2011, 14:58

as far as i know there is some code running to prevent maps to be voted for too often :3
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Re: Maps

Postby curson » 15 Apr 2011, 09:21

While I love both Lostspace and Dance, the "cannot play on these maps as they've been played recently" code protection you're talking of, maybe could be made longer, to force more change. As I said, I like those maps, but Apophis is right, sometimes the server sort of get in a loop, especially because of "vcall restart" more than "vcall gotomap lostspace2" ;)

Maybe a way could be found to increase the time between a map being re-played over and over again.
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