Euro Cup 2010

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Euro Cup 2010

Postby Fjant » 22 May 2010, 20:55

Im thinking of starting a cup like we all plan 1 day for only war gaming
im thinking of some new point system like best of 5 regular rounds and then maybe 3 1on1 rounds
and add all together the winner of the first 5 team rounds will start to pick who they want to fight
the first 1on1 round and then the the other team picks.. anyone got another suggestions?

would be fun if it was possible to get alot of spec like 40 or something so every clan can follow the cup matches.

If ur clan is interested post a message and a date that u think will work the first clan that posts will setting the
date :D
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Re: Euro Cup 2010

Postby It'sMe » 22 May 2010, 22:06

It sounds really great!
CapBots want to take part :-)

But i dont know a date xD ....
So another one of another clan can post it, although i am the first :peace: .
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Re: Euro Cup 2010

Postby NESQUICK » 22 May 2010, 23:11

I think i can speak for NK when i say that we are interested!

Set a date and i'll see if we have the opportunity to join in =) :laserbeam:
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Re: Euro Cup 2010

Postby Akari » 23 May 2010, 07:12

Personally, I am interested in this. I hope Asgar is, too :)

E: About the date - any weekend is fine for me.
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Re: Euro Cup 2010

Postby AsgaR » 23 May 2010, 10:00

Well it sounds cool)))
But the problem is im 13, so i need a good dat, and i will talk about it with my parents, don't worry about.

Anyway if i cant play the whole day, then i hope its okay when the DBC's are playing witout me, but the 3 other admins if they can.

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Re: Euro Cup 2010

Postby Hypnosekröte » 23 May 2010, 10:12

Yeah thats a good idea .. But i think we shouldnt use 40 slots atm. We better should use lifestream. And normaly only 2 funwars are possible at one day with four rounds, so maybe we need lesser rounds to make more clangames.
Anyways please tell me more details about the Leaguesystem you want to play ?
Maybe we should do some programming stuff for the website before to show the stats of the league in a better way =)

And we need more explanation on the website for the clangames (example: no caps the warmuphase ) and how it all works :D IRC Guide comming soon btw :p thanks to Its-Me

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The right path is:
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Here we post all new inventions/projects and stuff about the server =)

I will move that thread now.

Btw before we can start this euro cup project we should do the 1on1 projekt :

I will help with all that stuff after my final exams ;(
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Re: Euro Cup 2010

Postby BuzaniitoO! » 25 May 2010, 01:41

Very good idea will comment with my clan but account with Thebadasschoob

By BuzaniitoO <TheBadassChoob>
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Re: Euro Cup 2010

Postby renat » 26 May 2010, 23:14

Well the choobs will be hosting a tournament soon. But it will be more of a multi week tournament each round played on Saturday and sunday. : ) :signed:
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