Estelle - Totally abusing her admin powers on me

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Re: Estelle - Totally abusing her admin powers on me

Postby Oxyd » 28 Mar 2011, 16:02

So first, u can say my name, it was me who kicked you (I didnt remember if i banned you or not, but if u said i did, i trust you).

Second, if you want to talk with me about that, u can come in IRC. I don't like to talk in game. It's just boring for other people.

And third, i'm bored to have to justify all my kick or ban... It's always the same... "No I don't camp, no I take the flag, no....blablabla".

But if you really want to talk, i'm in IRC in the evening most of the time. (You can check if i'm online on the DTG member's page)
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Re: Estelle - Totally abusing her admin powers on me

Postby CrazyBack » 28 Mar 2011, 18:09

couldnt connect after ur kick;)i guess its a ban but who cares.
i tried to speak ingame with u once, but nesquick ( it was an earlier kick for maybe a few weeks or months) told me something like " u cant discuss with admins, otherwise u get kicked"
so i had no choice talking much with you about that ingame.
few weeks later i saw u playing pickup games but hey it was the past ,so i had no problem with playing against or with u.
but a few days later, i was kicked banned , of course another nickname, but i was really surprised because of the pickup games ive played against u or others. ive never changed my gamestyle.
ive thought u had a discussion about campers and decided not to kick em anymore.
even if i think im not a camper, i was really confused after the kick without saying anything;)
if u let me play i have no problems with anyone of u. i mean its ur choice if u kick people or not. depends on what they ve done to u.

in the end of the day its all about fun. use ur admin things for balancing teams or whatever before kicking somebody.

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Re: Estelle - Totally abusing her admin powers on me

Postby Syphos » 31 Mar 2011, 19:33

Just want to drop in an opinion here which is that I've never seen someone being kicked or banned for no concrete reasons on the DTG servers, the playstyle of some players just don't really fit in the CTF scene which is why sometimes an admin has to make a decision besides balancing the teams, because you have to understand that switching players isn't going to change their playstyle, as mentioned before in this topic there's not going to be any change if you just cling to your playstyle while the other players get annoyed by it, try asking them what it exactly is your doing wrong I believe that they'll have an answer ready for you and regardless it's your choice to play on their servers not their choice to invite you so they can ban you, obviously this is something that is being overlooked since the first post of this topic if you can't play it properly, then either learn it or don't play it at all, just my opinion.

As far as the kick/ban abuse :flen: I can't agree without having seen what the actual reasons were because as I said before everyone can get kicked or banned but ussualy it's for the right reasons, if you can't accept the choice the admin made it ussualy means your unaware of what it is you've done wrong or your just underdeveloped and can't seem to comprehend the answers of all DTG members in this topic, because they are all right.

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Re: Estelle - Totally abusing her admin powers on me

Postby Pir* » 01 Apr 2011, 09:48

Syphos, I don't really understand the purpose you revived this topic. It's definitely not to make peace despite what the smily in your post says. There were some concerns that some dtg players applied their admin powers in cases when other players played against them and did it successfully. And only in those cases. The concerns are still there. I saw such cases myself. That's why I expressed my opinion on this forum.
And, please, don't call other people underdeveloped, all right? There is nothing much to comprehend in this topic, even in your extremely long sentences.
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Re: Estelle - Totally abusing her admin powers on me

Postby CrazyBack » 01 Apr 2011, 23:42

i know everyone has an opinion about the whole story.
and i know what u want to say.
i know people like u who cant see the whole thing. its easy to say "hey man, ur a camper, just leave and get the hell out of here."

maybe ur hating players like me who are trying to defend the base and getting the flag back. but thats normal. everyone should hate em, but u should hate everyone of ur opponents team, because its ur goal to win and not to argue about the opponents tactic.
but think about it once.
its just annoying for people like u ,cause ur our main target.
u go for the flag every single second of ur game, trying to cap as fast as u can. nothing wrong about that, but if im on the opponent team, i would try to slow u down, because of my own flagcarrier who wants to capture the flag as soon as possible.
so what i want to say. people developed the strategy against speedcappers. because if one team has players with more skills in capturing the flag, u have less chances to win against em without defense.
so why should i let u win easily?

on the other hand its all about team chemistry.
because i think always " how to win against my opponents?"
so if u see people trying to defend against u , u should communicate with ur whole team, trying to coordinate ur attacks.
but guess what? i think its better for people like u to play against teams without defense. it makes u look like a better player because ur so great in capturing the flag without any help and defense;)
people who are not crying about defenders and searching a way to win those games are really good players and deserve my respect.
in the end we should be able to play together , because its just a game.

btw. dont take it personal^^
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Re: Estelle - Totally abusing her admin powers on me

Postby Hypnosekröte » 05 Apr 2011, 17:54

All discussions we had about campers was here -> viewtopic.php?f=20&t=257
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