3 vs 3 CTF tournament, explosion_on

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Re: 3 vs 3 CTF tournament, explosion_on

Postby Akari » 23 Nov 2010, 08:42

Great news, the UFB/TBC server is back online and running very well. However, the IP address has changed, therefore it's gone from your bookmarks. The domain nexuiz.ufbteam.com has been updated to the new address, so you can still use it to connect. But good news aren't over at this point: choobs now have two more explosive servers, kindly provided by Synap. One of them is a clone of UFB (which allows us to do concurrent tournament matches), and another one is a DM server with the same configuration. Both of them are public, and are also accessible by these addresses: cr0.nl:26001 (CTF), cr0.nl:26002 (DM). There is also another public server running the mod, set up by Nilyt of DBC (also known as demo). Search for Nightflight in the server list to find it, or just connect to r.oo.fi. Although this server won't be used at the tournament, it's a great place to train and have fun on. Settings are mostly the same as on UFB, except for a bit lower damages.

As for the tournament progress, we need at least 2 more teams to start (currently, there are 10). We are hoping for more (and Heddiz is going to help with gathering), but let's at least reach the minimum first. As far as I know, there are enough of teamless players registered to make another team (demo/nilyt, subSYStem, Jorunn?). Adverticement is also welcome and appreciated, many people still don't know about the mod nor the servers running it.
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Re: 3 vs 3 CTF tournament, explosion_on

Postby Hypnosekröte » 24 Nov 2010, 11:46

Realy n1ce news =)
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