Xonotic DM 1on1 Minsta+hook Quick Cup #2

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Xonotic DM 1on1 Minsta+hook Quick Cup #2

Postby Groincrusher » 21 Nov 2013, 11:23

Original Thread: http://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=4616

Quick facts:
- 1v1 Duel (Minsta+Hook)
- Servers: EAC
- Timelimit 10, Fraglimit 30
- Modus: Double Elimination bracket
- MapPicking: Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop at Bo1, Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Pick-Pick at Bo3 (Semifinals), Drop-Drop-Pick-Pick-Pick-Pick at Bo5 (Finals)
- Mappool: Red, Asylum, Bloodrun, Bloodprison, hub3aero, Stormkeep, cpm3a
- Date/time: Saturday, 30th November 2013 17:00 CET [UTC+1] // http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/
- Admins: EACs
- Skill level: 1. any; 2. lowlevel
- Mascot: Evil Ant Floris

To participate just join #eac.cup (IRC Quakenet) at given date and time.

This will be a double cup! So after this one a second cup is following for lower skill level.
You can qualify by loosing the first one. Top 8 from the first cup are not allowed to participate.

So you have to participate in first to play in second!

Either we have time for the lower-skill-level cup on the same day or we will play on the very next day, same time.

Good luck and stuff, hope to see you there!
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