The case of Illfonics

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The case of Illfonics

Postby eL_Bart0 » 15 Mar 2010, 14:34

Hey ladies and gentlemen,

as most of you maybe allready noticed, there is going to be a console version of Nexuiz soon. Lee Vermeulen the "founder" of Nexuiz gave the domain "" to a company named Illfonics. He also made a deal with them to allow them to use the title "Nexuiz" and some major parts of the original GPL'ed Nexuiz sourcecode. In an attempt to stop Illfonics using exactly the same title for their console port we, at DieTunichtguten, started to write an open letter to inform the public about the situation. Many days and hours of work where spent by the Nexuiz community to help improve this open letter, so that our voices maybe heard. In an attempt to emphasize the importance of our letter, we want everyone who supports it, to register at the Alientrap boards and sign the letter in this thread:

All we can do for now is hope that our concerns will find an open ear in the media, as Illfonics definitly stated allready that they are not going to change the title of their project. Within the community it seems like there are only 2 possible solutions: The first being Illfonics adding a suffix to their projects name. The second one being a FORK of the Nexuiz sourcecode. You might ask yourself what a FORK would mean. Let me describe it as short as possible: A FORK would mean that some developers pickup Nexuiz current sourcecode, change the title of the project and start to work on the project without the lead of Alientrap in the future. Now i want to state that a FORK is in no way the best solution, but its at least a possibility to keep Nexuiz free, even in the future, also it would have a different name then, of course.

If you look at the current situation you will most likely see that Alientrap (presented by Lee Vermeulen in this case) has sold and betrayed the community, as all the informations where kept secretly in the dark until the whole deal was set. This is a kind of behaviour we as opensource community should not accept. Lets hope the media is going to support our case, but therefore we neeeeeed your signatures. So please go and sign it as soon as possible, if you want to support the opensource community. Maybe or maybe not we can still force Illfonics to change their title, but we will definitly need a lot of support by you guys and girls out there.
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Re: The case of Illfonics

Postby Carnage » 13 Apr 2010, 19:08

hahhhh :P a game edition for xbox no way how dare they disobay computer relations i will smite them :laserbeam: tm smiley- :chainsaw:
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