Proposition: Reorganization of European Minsta Clans

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Proposition: Reorganization of European Minsta Clans

Postby ArgeadGER[NFC] » 20 Apr 2010, 20:18

The headline sounds more drastic, than my propostion actually is, so please read first before you comment.
Since I posted this first in the Xonotic Forum, and than here and in NFC (i will also post at LOC when an admin unlucks me),
so please LOCK THIS THREAD and post all comments at:

So heres my proposition:

I have noticed that the Minsta Clans have grown over the last year, which is of course a nice thing.
On the downside this also means that more people play on a war, there match-sizes like 8vs8, which is pretty full, since all are pros. Such large matches also take quite a long overhead on preparation since you have a find a date where each clan can supply 8 of there players, so spontaneous matches aren't possible :(.

I heard the Idee before in this forum to mix the clans for a new beginning to the start of Xonotic.
I find this a bit drastic, although there could be some reorganization.

My idea is following:

Why not create smaller subclans/squads, containing out of 3-5 players, that know and like each other, and compensate each other. (meaning there shouldnt be 3 players in a squad, that are all specailized attackers, but rather one attacker, one deffender and one who likes to roam a bit and can do both.

Ill try to make an Example: 12 players of NFC clan. They split up in NFC-lions, NFC-dragons, NFC-fraggers, NFC-maskots. Each of them has 3 players now and is more ore less independent.
Now friday evening the NFC-maskots are online and meet the NFC-lions on a server. They decide to do some training/ or clan-internal funwar between the 2 squads.

At the same time NFC-lions meet DTG-cruisers and decide to make a war.

So the point is, one could make more wars with less people and more spontaneous. Right now there are war possibilities between DTG, LOC and NFC (im not counting TBC and DBC, cause they arent very suffisticated yet).
If my proposal would be accepted by the clans one could choose against which squad one wants to play, so you know against whom your gonna play. Also the squads would surely develop a friendly rivality between each other, which would be cool (especially with the upcoming stats system) and also ensure activity.

So my concept is fairly simple, and doesn't have much revolutionary aspects till now.
Theyll come now:

One would have to make balanced squads, where every skill is represented as I already wrote above so you don't end up having only deffers in your team and nobody attacking.
In this process of course it could be that e.g. LOC has an attacker too much and NFC-dragons needs one. So it could happen that some players may have to switch the clan, in this case either the LOC guy to the NFC-dragons or the NFC-dragons too the LOC-squad, depending on what the affected players decide on.

For me this wouldn't be a problem as I like most of the players, and don't really think much changes if your in a different clan, since the players all know each other anyway.
But of course this could be different with some of you guys.
So please comment on my proposal.


1.establish smaller subclans in the existing clans.
2.balance the players, so that they compensate each other.
3.dunno, have fun asking other squads for a war and viewing how your squad compares to others. :)

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