IRL question to you all!

Want to discuss about anything not related to Xonotic or DieTunichtguten. Post it here. Yeah, this is the reallife section ...
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IRL question to you all!

Post by NESQUICK » 29 Jul 2010, 01:02

Just to show Barto that we Nexuiz players actually do have a life I'm going to post the first serious question up for debate in "General Discussion"

Do you people like to do "The tuck" like me?


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Re: IRL question to you all!

Post by NESQUICK » 29 Jul 2010, 02:15

Me and Synap diskussion about the topic on IRC.
[03:00] <+synap> HOW DO YOU SLEEP?
[03:00] <+synap> with your legs in the air?
[03:01] <+synap> weird man, weird
[03:11] <@Fjant> Nesquick, about the tuck pic dont u use a pillow :D
[03:25] <+synap> it is just weird
[03:25] <+synap> ;-)
[03:25] <+synap> it is wrong to sleep like that, just immorally wrnog
[03:29] * subSYStem ( has joined #dietunichtguten
[03:29] * Q sets mode: +v subSYStem
[03:29] <@Nesquick> =(
[03:30] <+subSYStem> Hi Nesquick!
[03:30] <@Nesquick> Focus on the freaking cover!!!
[03:30] <@Nesquick> Hi subSYStem =)
[03:30] <+subSYStem> What's up with you?
[03:30] <+synap> Nesquick you pull it like that?
[03:30] <@Nesquick> Yes i do!
[03:30] <+synap> holy fuck
[03:30] <@Nesquick> Wtf do you do then!+
[03:30] <+synap> where ya from again?
[03:31] <+synap> I just lay
[03:31] <@Nesquick> -.-
[03:31] <+synap> I often start on my back, reading atleast an hour of material on the internet using my Apple insurgent device
[03:31] <+synap> (iPhone)
[03:31] <@Nesquick> IPHONE BE THE DEVIL!
[03:31] <+synap> because it is for me difficulty to initiate a sleeping phase
[03:31] <@Nesquick> Now i know u work for satan!!!
[03:32] <+synap> when my gf isn't here (which she always is since we live together) I'd read books, I have many books (non fiction)
[03:32] <@Nesquick> Well, what does this have to do with the cover!?
[03:32] <+synap> mostly about economics and politics these days
[03:32] <@Nesquick> subSYStem ... f=26&t=148
[03:32] <+synap> then I'd move to lay on my stomach
[03:32] <+synap> pull one leg up
[03:32] <@PSs> Nesquick what exactly is that "tuck" :o
[03:32] <+synap> and have my arms underneath the pillow
[03:32] <@Nesquick> Ok, the picture in my mind is a little gay but go on synap =)
[03:32] <+synap> ooh what I do with the cover? it'll be over me
[03:33] <+synap> Nesquick yeah whatever turns you on mate ;-)
[03:33] <@Nesquick> While your laying on the stomack!?
[03:33] <@Nesquick> With the feet up!?
[03:33] <+synap> no
[03:33] <+synap> not with feet up
[03:33] <@Nesquick> How can it be comfie having the cover on you then?
[03:33] <@Nesquick> Ahh..
[03:33] <+synap> they lay to the sides
[03:33] <+synap> both
[03:33] <@Nesquick> Hmm, don't your feet get cold?
[03:34] <+synap> sometimes, then I'd put an extra blanket over the feet area
[03:34] <+synap> but I don't pull my blankets up
[03:34] <@Nesquick> Ahh,
[03:34] <+synap> so my feet are in the air
[03:34] <+synap> like on your pic
[03:34] <+synap> I mean wtf is that
[03:34] <@Nesquick> XD
[03:34] <@Nesquick> That's me!
[03:34] <+synap> hy kathy btw, nice you're awake
[03:34] <@Nesquick> I'm a "Leg puller upper"
[03:34] <+synap> how do you keep the tension for that all night?
[03:35] <@Nesquick> They aren't up like that all night dummy!
[03:35] <+synap> IN THE AIR nes they are in the fucking air don't you see
[03:35] <+synap> o wait
[03:35] <@Nesquick> That's just to get the fraking cover under the feet!
[03:35] <+synap> I didn't scroll down
[03:35] <+synap> seriously.
[03:35] <@Nesquick> -.-
[03:35] <+synap> yeah
[03:35] <+synap> I do that as well
[03:35] <+synap> the tuck
[03:35] <+synap> ;-)
[03:35] <@Nesquick> GAAAH!!!

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Re: IRL question to you all!

Post by AsgaR » 06 Aug 2010, 11:44

I do that too, i keep my feets warm with it :)

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