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The IRC quotes Topic

Postby Mithos » 30 Oct 2010, 00:03

What it says on the tin. If something on the IRC worth posting happens, then post it. There's so much funny crap that happens on there we need a record of it :)
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Re: The IRC quotes Topic

Postby Mithos » 30 Oct 2010, 00:06

28th-29th october (it was late at night ok)
<Mithos> HOI~
<curson> HOI~ to you, Mithos
<curson> even if with 23 minutes delay
<Mithos> ummmmmmmm
<Mithos> is it bad I don't remember writing that?
<curson> drunk? :D
<Mithos> not really
<curson> so yes, it's bad.
<Mithos> only a couple
<Mithos> well, maybe a few
<curson> gotcha
<Mithos> and then there was that extra one
<Mithos> or two
<Mithos> come to tyhink of it, the answer should've been yes
<curson> I'm counting at least 7-8 here
<Mithos> 3:D
<curson> *yay*
<Mithos> I should not allow myself to be persuaded to go to the bar so easily :P
<curson> why not? come on...
<Mithos> typing is hard work :(
<curson> drink you Thursday away!
<curson> lol
<Mithos> and I'm meant to be in town by 9 tomorrow
<Mithos> and I don't even know what time the buses are
<curson> ahhaha, that might sting
<Mithos> btw, nice quit message curson
<curson> o_O
<curson> how come you're remembering it now?
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<Nesquick> Mithos!!!!!!!1
<Nesquick> Mithos!!!!!!!1
<Nesquick> Mithos!!!!!!!1
<Nesquick> Mithos!!!!!!!1
<Nesquick> Have you done, what you intended to do to to you know who?
* curson slaps Nesquick around with a big large trout!
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* * gives voice to SpxxxK
<curson> cut the guy some slack, he's drunk!
<Nesquick> Cursarion!!!
<Nesquick> Cursarion!!!
<Nesquick> Cursarion!!!
<Nesquick> -.-
<curson> -__-
<Nesquick> curson
<Nesquick> curson
<Nesquick> curson
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<Nesquick> You're in Tokyo now?
<curson> I'm now officially offended, Nesquick :P
<curson> yup
<Nesquick> Nice!
<Mithos> Nesquick!
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<Mithos> Nesquick!
* Q gives voice to Mirio2
<Mithos> Nesquick!
<Mithos> Nesquick!
<Mithos> Nesquick!
<Mithos> Nesquick!
<Mithos> Nesquick!
<Mithos> Nesquick!
<Nesquick> Picked up som Japanese women?
<curson> ahahaha, they're hiding from the incoming typhoon :D
<Nesquick> ANSWERE ME GOTDAMMIT Mithos!!!!!!!!!
* Mithos slaps Nesquick around a bit with a large trout
<curson> yesterday's landing wasn't a fun one
* curson pokes Mithos with a fork
<Nesquick> Ugh, that sounds rough.
<Mithos> sorry, missed the q, went to check bus times
* Mithos hits curson with a fucking tank!
<curson> 23:51:38 @ Nesquick : Have you done, what you intended to do to to you know who?
<Mithos> not yet
<Mithos> no
<curson> that was your question, Mithos
<Nesquick> Mithos, you'd better be doing that women doggystyle RIGHT NOW... Cause is you aren't!!!!!!
<curson> YEAH!
<Mithos> doing doggystyle and on IRC?
<curson> do nasty things to her! NOW!
<curson> while chatting to us and brewing you a cuppa
<Mithos> okay...
<Nesquick> Keyboard on Ass = KoA
<curson> lol
<Mithos> can I say I'm slightly worried by the amount of thought you've given this
<Nesquick> xD
<Nesquick> You should let sea-men invade her cave Mithos! Arrrrgh...
<Mithos> xD
<PSs_iAFK> O_o
<Nesquick> eL_Bart0 PSs_iAFK back me up here!!!!!!
<Mithos> well we were going to go to the pub tonight
<Nesquick> Good!
<Mithos> only she missed my call :(
<Nesquick> -.-
* curson is backing Nesquick up
<Mithos> and by the time she rang back I was too drunk to give a sensible answer, and it was too late for it to be worth her coming out :(
<Mithos> GODDAMNIT!!!!
<Nesquick> You should always turn it in to a positive... GOTDAMMIT man we have been through this!??!.... If she's not answering her phone... You have a valid excuse to go see her...
<Mithos> ummm, was already at pub
<Mithos> is valid escuse not to go see?
<Mithos> *excuse
<curson> mhm, I feel I should be taking notes here
<Mithos> I really should save these convos for future referene
<Nesquick> Pub or bed, Pub or bed, Pub or bed, Pub or bed, ... Somehow Mithos... I would have taken hot sexy, sweaty sex with a beautiful women over the GOTDAMN pub!?
<Mithos> note was at pub
<Mithos> therefore not thinking entirely straight
<Mithos> go see person who doesn't answer phone or get another drink? was roughly how I was thinking
<Nesquick> Ok,,, then you should have called me... And let me do the thinking for you...
<Mithos> and the drink won
<Mithos> next time Nesquick I will
<Mithos> that is a good idea
<Nesquick> Or better yet... Just call a random number... ANYBODY will tell you to go and have sex over beeing at the GOTDAMN pub!
<curson> lol
<Mithos> go and have sex didn't exactly come to mind
<curson> you're blaming poor Mithos too hard now
<Mithos> I believe the dominant thought was "DRINK!!!"
<Nesquick> Then go like this.
<Nesquick> Now, you will foreaver think of sex when you drink beer...
<curson> but the real question here is: was sex really around the corner?
* Mithos doesn't actually like beer
<curson> I mean
<Nesquick> curson, curson, curson,,,, Sex is always around the corner!
<curson> ...Nesquick's view seems a lil bit optimistic here
<Mithos> true
<Mithos> especially with her boyfriend and all
<Mithos> :/
<Nesquick> So sue me!?... I'm a freaking optimist!? Whoop die doo!?
<curson> the girl has a boyfriend?
<Mithos> better be pessemistic - then ur never dissapointed, but sometimes nicely surprised =D
<Mithos> yeah
<curson> oh FFS... you've been listening to the crazy swede a bit too much here Mithos
<Mithos> he lives like 40 miles away
<curson> it's not as straight forward as he is painting it to be, then :P
<Nesquick> Details details dear Mithos.... Tell her you saw him with another girl... She will instantly be very mad and sad... This is what i call "Vengence Sex"... And it is AWESOME!
<Mithos> how the hell would I see him with another girl? I never even met the guy!
<curson> that. is. just. wrong.
<Nesquick> But does sheee, know that?
<Mithos> I should hope so
<curson> LOL Nesquick
<PSs_iAFK> you dont start a realationship with lies nesquick :p
<Mithos> if I did know him it would be a major coinsidence
<PSs_iAFK> relationship*
<Nesquick> Then tell her, he died.... This is what i call remorse sex... And it is AWESOME!
<Nesquick> xD
<curson> well, on that PSs_iAFK, Nesquick is just talking about "steamy sex" here
<Mithos> <PSs_iAFK> you dont start a realationship with lies nesquick :
<curson> whahhahahahhahahahahah
<curson> Nesquick is on a roll tonight
<curson> ^^
<Nesquick> :D
<Mithos> Nesquick is on a roll every night
* Nesquick is rolling while naked
<curson> true
<Mithos> D:
<curson> rolling naked on the floor laughing = RNOTFL
<Nesquick> :D
<curson> which works also for: "Rolling Nesquick On The Floor Laughing"
<curson> wow
<curson> the Legends are real jerks
<PSs_iAFK> or... Rolling Naked On The Floor Laughing
* Mithos rnotfl
<curson> yeah :d
<Nesquick> Ok, Mithos... This is what i want you to do...
<Nesquick> >=)
<curson> listen carefully
<Mithos> if it involves anal then get out
<Mithos> with u that is
<curson> safe precaution, Mithos. You're wise.
<Mithos> with experience comes wisdom D:
<Nesquick> Send her a sms... Your drunk, she knows your drunk... Write: "I am a magical being, I want to experiment on your body" ..
<curson> (sms == text)
Cursarion curson
<Mithos> no shit curs
<curson> funny, I thought just in italy we called them SMS :P
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* Q gives voice to jngm
<Mithos> on
<Mithos> *curson
<Nesquick> This will not sound wierd.... And since your drunk you have an excuse... But from now on she will know your intentions...
<curson> you can also dance naked wearing just a sombrero under her window
<curson> she would know your intention in that case too
<Mithos> if wearing a sombraro, then not naked :P
<Nesquick> Next time your at a party togheter... You tell her "I am a magical being"... She will then go to auto mode and tell you "Please do experiments to my body"............. This CANNOT fail GOTDAMMIT!
<curson> mwhahhahahhaa
<Mithos> o reilly?
<curson> does that really work for you in Sweden, Nesquick?
<Mithos> I believe it may fail
<Nesquick> Ya, really... Trust me... I know women.
<PSs_iAFK> O_o
<curson> that's my point
<curson> maybe that works with Swedish women, but doesn't apply elsewhere
<curson> PSs_iAFK: would that have worked with you, for example? :D
<PSs_iAFK> i would have never talked to him again
<Mithos> not on half english half french girl who lived in greece then canada and now england
<evil_mercenary> xD
<Mithos> don't think it will work :P
<Nesquick> Swedish women is the most hard to get women in the world.... That's why the men of this country has had to use "other means" to get women for centuries...
<Mithos> for other means read rohipnol
<PSs_iAFK> with nesquicks way you may get some sluts but not ordinarly girls :p
<PSs_iAFK> drunken sluts :o
<Nesquick> Ohh no... Read "Nesquicks guide to teleportation, changing lightbulbs and BANGING WOMEN!"
<morphed> say that CIA is chasing your penis and you have to hide it somewhere
<curson> LOL
<Mithos> LOL!
<Nesquick> They say the CIA has cought my penis, but havn't got enough storage to put it anywhere.
<Mithos> LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!
* Nesquick is rolling naked again.
<Mithos> as am I
<Nesquick> :D:D:D
* curson throws some clothes to the channel
* evil_mercenary twitches
<curson> it seems you all could use some
<Nesquick> :D
<curson> evil_mercenary: felt a twitch in the Force?
<Mithos> wait what?
<curson> a thousands voices screaming in pain?
<evil_mercenary> naw, just scared xD
<Mithos> Nesquick is trying to get me laid
<curson> that is the effect of Mithos & Nesquick nakedness
<Mithos> and ur saying I should put clothes ON?
<curson> seeing he's trying to get you laid, and he's naked too
<Nesquick> :D
<curson> I would, as a precaution :P
<Mithos> D:
<curson> remember you're also a bit drunk
<curson> Nesquick might end up taking advantage of you
<curson> :P
<Mithos> I already told him - NO ANAL!
<Nesquick> Mithos... If all else fail i have a backup plan for you... Are you guys ready to hear it? (think carefully before you answere)
<Mithos> yes
<Mithos> do tell
<Mithos> nothing can shock me :)
<curson> yeah!
<Nesquick> You go to her building in the middle of the night, start the fire alarm and rush in to her room as tough you mean to save her... This is where it gets interesting.
<curson> and illegal... but continue
<Nesquick> When in the room, she's laying in bed half naked you shout "NOW BITCH!" and go for it!
<Mithos> you know, this plan isn't as daft as it sounds
* Mithos may try it...
<Nesquick> :D
<Mithos> brb
<Mithos> I have a fire alarm to use xD
<curson> what a shame, such a young man
<Nesquick> xD
<Nesquick> This will be EPIC in the news tomorrow!
<curson> his life ruined after being arrested at such a young age for a trivial attempt at getting laid
<curson> ahahah
<Nesquick> Comon curson... .You really don't see what's going on here?
<curson> you're re-programming Mithos into a "sex-machine"
<curson> that is what is going on :D
<Nesquick> ...I'm just trying to get a good news story to post on Reddit... Just think of the comments the GOTDAMN COMMENTS!!! *drewls
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<curson> hihi :D
<Nesquick> :D
<Nesquick> Naah, i really do hope hu succeds :>
<Nesquick> Cause if he don't!!!!!
<evil_mercenary> if it's halls though, remember just how many peoples will hate you after....
<evil_mercenary> especially at 0:22
<Nesquick> :D
<Nesquick> But remember the stories that will go around the uni IF he succeds..
<Nesquick> He will be more famous than Elvis.
<curson> Mithos will become a "Mith" around there
<curson> O_o
<evil_mercenary> ...
<evil_mercenary> true
<curson> I shocked me with that pun
<Nesquick> Darn, you people must think i'm an aweful person :<
<Nesquick> I've only been slapped once for an inappropriate "line" to a women tough...
<curson> you joking?
<curson> we fucking love you man
<Nesquick> :D:D:D
<curson> that is one full time more than me, but not too much I suppose
<curson> but I'm far from being a good example :P on how to pick up girls
<Nesquick> I walked up to here at a party, pretty short girl, but very hot... I was drunk as hell... I asked her (roughly translated Swedish) "Hey, are you legal?"
<evil_mercenary> i may be able to help you pick up girls ^^
<evil_mercenary> lol
<Nesquick> evil_mercenary!!! That's right! You must have many many nice girl-friends!
<evil_mercenary> ^^
<Nesquick> We really should use you!
<evil_mercenary> lol
<evil_mercenary> the only catch is, all the ones i know are taken
<Nesquick> As i said in this chat so many times by now... .That isn't a problem...
* evil_mercenary listens as the whole channel surse
<Nesquick> >:)
<curson> you have a harem, evil_mercenary?
<Nesquick> evil_mercenary is playing for the other team ;)
<evil_mercenary> :D
<evil_mercenary> yeah, DBC xD
<evil_mercenary> :-p
<Nesquick> xD
<curson> ooohhhhh...
<Nesquick> :D:D
<evil_mercenary> xD
<evil_mercenary> i think i heard the penny drop from here
<curson> that usually gives you lot of girlie friends, true ;)
<curson> :D
<evil_mercenary> ^^
<Nesquick> evil_mercenary... You must get that quite often huh? ... I think that's exactly how i reacted xD
<evil_mercenary> yup. xD people dont tend to know many gay people on the web...unless they look for them of course
<Nesquick> Well, i know a couple of them irl...
<Nesquick> But hey... I'm swede...
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<curson> *cough*
<curson> you all know what job I do, right?
<Nesquick> LOL...
<Nesquick> That's right!
<Nesquick> HAHAH
<curson> I'm surprised when I meet an ethero man working with me :D
<Nesquick> There is other hetero men working as stewards? o_O
<Nesquick> *cabin personal
<Nesquick> :D
<curson> lol, in the end, plenty
<curson> but the majority of my male colleagues are definitely gay
<evil_mercenary> steward :D awesome ^^ i hear the travel is great
<Nesquick> But heey, the women you work with is often very beautiful huh?
<curson> they are, but that doesn't make them singles :P
<Nesquick> curson is in Tokyo now evil_mercenary ;)
<evil_mercenary> o.O~~~~~~
<evil_mercenary> luckyyyy
<curson> evil_mercenary: my destinations are... well, basically just Tokyo :)
<evil_mercenary> LUCKYYYY
<curson> but the discounts we get for any other tickets are very good
<Nesquick> Ohh! Sounds nice!
<curson> so in general, the travelling is good \o/
<curson> :)
<Nesquick> =)
<Nesquick> I want your job.
<Nesquick> What sort of education do you have?
<evil_mercenary> and the guys (in teh same way as the gurlz) *must be good too ^^
<Nesquick> xD
<curson> Nesquick: how many languages do you speak?
<curson> Swedish, English?
<Nesquick> Don't u guys have like company parties? ... Maybe you could smuggle me and evil_mercenary in on the next ;)
<PSs_iAFK> how many do you need?
<Nesquick> Swedish, English a little bit of spanish.
<curson> perfect then
<curson> SAS would be happy to have you
<Nesquick> xD
<curson> any airline in the UK probably as well
<Nesquick> Cool.
<Nesquick> I must look this up!
<curson> PSs_iAFK: the more the better, plus of course the language of the country where you'll be working from
<curson> Nesquick: can you swim roughly well?
<curson> are you physically fit?
<PSs_iAFK> bunnies cant swim :p
<Nesquick> Yes and yes!
<curson> lol PSs_iAFK
<Mithos> DAMNIT!
<Nesquick> Bunnys swim very well!
<curson> Nesquick: then, as a start, I see no problem
<Nesquick> Yaaay!
<Mithos> forgot that to set the alarm off u have to be inside the building xD
<PSs_iAFK> XD mithos
<curson> mwahahah
<Nesquick> Dammit Mithos! :D
<curson> btw Nesquick (or evil_mercenary)
<curson> this job is very "open" sex wise
<curson> "out from view, our from guilt" :D
<Nesquick> Is it really so hard to smash a window!? ... You're going in to play with the freaking fire alarm and potentially have sex with a chick... I mean, a window to hell, nobody will mind!
<curson> being away a lot, alone in a foreing country, means... well.. :D
<curson> MWHAHAHAH
<Nesquick> :D
<Nesquick> I think my bad behaviour is starting to affect you guys.... Soon, PSs_iAFK will be coming with freaky theorys and scary stories to...
<PSs_iAFK> :o
<Nesquick> :D
<Mithos> double glazing
<Nesquick> Go for it ma lady!
<Mithos> very hard to break unless you know how
<Nesquick> Ahhh, darn...
<curson> PSs_iAFK is with eL_Bart0
<curson> how much scary can she get?
<curson> O_O
<Nesquick> Hmmpf... You're in a dilemma my friend..
<Mithos> O:
<curson> eheheheh
<curson> I'm not drunk, but I love you guys :D
<Nesquick> How about this!!! I I HAZ IT!
<curson> this is serious silly fun
* Mithos decides that tomorrows bar crawl will be a better time
<curson> :D
<Mithos> also - I appear to have become sober
<Mithos> bugger
<curson> Mithos: rectify that stat!
<evil_mercenary> and i'm taken too, so breaking the windows would make no difference to me
<PSs_iAFK> time to go to sleep
<curson> oh damn, the number of single ppl on this channel is dropping fast
<curson> :P
<PSs_iAFK> good night :)
<curson> night PSs!
<Mithos> night PSs_iAFK
<PSs_iAFK> o/
<curson> :)
* Mithos thinks of PSs_iAFK going to bed
<Nesquick> Steal a car, drive it through the door of her building... Don't mind the fire alarm... I think the people will be awake anyway... Find her... Take her aside... And tell her.. .Simply... "I want to wrap your legs around my head and where you like the crown that you are!"
<Mithos> O:
<Mithos> Nesquick: u told me that line the other day
<Nesquick> She will be so dazzled... You will have a good 20 minutes sex before you are arested...
<Nesquick> I know... That's cause it's AWESOME!
<Mithos> while that IS a good plan, how the hell am I meant to nick a car?
<Mithos> the newer ones are a bugger to hotwire :(
<Nesquick> That's easy...
<Nesquick> Take an old...
<curson> a car?
<curson> go classy
<Nesquick> Saabs/volvos can be opened with a ice cream stick.
<Mithos> Students! if anyone has a var, it's cos they can afford the insurance. therefore they are rich. therefore the car is also expensive
<Mithos> *car
<Nesquick> Hmmm...
<curson> get into a bus depot and grab a double-decker
<Mithos> and as much fun as this is, I really must go to bed
<curson> appeal to her "I love the UK" side
<Mithos> :(
<Nesquick> Ok, i'm going to go out on a limb here... Mithos... Do you know where you can get a hold of some explosives?
<Mithos> yes
<curson> blah, leaving me alone with Nesquick
<curson> and then, calling me crazy... guess why??!?!?
<Nesquick> :D
<Mithos> chemistry lab + High school chemistry = knowledge of explosives
<Mithos> would dynamite do?
<Nesquick> Ohh that i like!
<curson> Nesquick: somehow, I've the feeling MI6 is tracking this chat now
<Nesquick> Indeed...
<curson> the UK anti-terrorism is all on Mithos now :D
<Nesquick> curson... Somehow, i do not doubt you...
<evil_mercenary> lol
<Nesquick> :D
<curson> ehheheheh
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Re: The IRC quotes Topic

Postby Mithos » 30 Oct 2010, 00:33

29th - 30th october (again, late at night)
<evil_mercenary> j0 dudez ^^
<evil_mercenary> and dudettes of course ^^
<evil_mercenary> ...
<evil_mercenary> Mithos, ? eL_Bart0 ? anyone? xD
<Mithos> HOI~
<evil_mercenary> lol
* Mithos slaps evil_mercenary around a bit with a large trout
* Mithos slaps evil_mercenary around a bit with a large trout
* Mithos slaps evil_mercenary around a bit with a large trout
* Mithos slaps evil_mercenary around a bit with a large trout
<Mithos> >:D
<evil_mercenary> yum trout ^^
* evil_mercenary eats the trout
* Mithos slaps evil_mercenary around a bit with a naked Nesquick
<evil_mercenary> D:
<evil_mercenary> ARGH!
* evil_mercenary feels dirty
* evil_mercenary washes self
* Mithos slaps evil_mercenary around a bit with a naked Nesquick
* evil_mercenary feels violated
* evil_mercenary sits in corner rocking...
<Mithos> that's the spirit :)
<evil_mercenary> xD
<Mithos> a bit of music to cheer u up
<evil_mercenary> .... where?
<evil_mercenary> oh...
<evil_mercenary> right
<Mithos> ur rocking right?
<Mithos> oh
<Mithos> I c
* Mithos IS NAKED!
<evil_mercenary> o.O~
<Mithos> hmmm
<Mithos> maybe I'm becoming a bit too much like nesquick
* evil_mercenary tell's his gay flatmate, who then comes on to mithos
<Mithos> I blame u for this evil
<Mithos> :O
<evil_mercenary> lol
<Mithos> u know that happened when we went out last saturday!
<evil_mercenary> really?
<evil_mercenary> xD
<Mithos> All I ask is one night out
<Mithos> ONE!
<evil_mercenary> lol
<Mithos> where, maybe, a girl comes onto me
<evil_mercenary> maybe you should go to the gay might work. seriously
<Mithos> why is it always the gay guys!?!?!?!
<evil_mercenary> i mean, to stop you getting hit on
<evil_mercenary> s surprising amount of straight people hang out in gay bars
<Mithos> not that there's anything wrong with those who are gay
<evil_mercenary> lol
<Mithos> I'd just rather they didn't try it with me cos I ent
<evil_mercenary> either way, what's wrong with being like nes? he's awesome ^^ xD
<Nesquick`> Mithos.... You make this lonly naked swede proud!
<Nesquick`> evil_mercenary to :>
<evil_mercenary> ^^
* evil_mercenary offer's nesquick a high five....
* Nesquick` takes it!
* evil_mercenary HIGH FIVES!
* Nesquick` HIGHFIVES!
* Mithos builds sign saying "NOT GAY!" on it
<Nesquick`> Soooo, anyone writing with KoA while making love tonight?
<Mithos> unfortunately not
<evil_mercenary> KoA?
<Mithos> Keyboard on Ass
<Nesquick`> :D
<evil_mercenary> xD
<Mithos> Emily's boyfriend's down to visit so no chance tonight.
* Mithos hopes for breakup
* Nesquick` is hoping to.
<Mithos> I know, I'm a horrid person
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<Nesquick`> You know what you should do...
<curson> aaaannd here we go again :P
<Mithos> nothing to do with cars, fire alarms, or cheesy chat up lines
<joga> o_O
<Nesquick`> Go buy a Dildo... Go to her room and knock while you hide it behind your back... Hope that the boyfriend answers... If he do... Hand him the dildo and say "Well, tell her she forgot this last night"... Then leave quickly... If she answers just make up some bullshit...
<Mithos> :O
<Nesquick`> :D
<Mithos> where the hell am I going to get a dildo this time of night?!?!?!!?
<joga> from your night stand?
<Nesquick`> xD
<curson> hahahaahha
<curson> Nesquick`: I'll be bringing the memory of your "pick-up" lines on the plane with me
<Nesquick`> :D
<curson> need to get into my uniform now, to get ready for Narita->Heathrow flight
<curson> read you from London tonight, bye!
* curson has quit (Quit: That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons, even death may die.)
<Nesquick`> :>
<Nesquick`> Hmmm, it's hard Mithos i admit...
<Nesquick`> -.-
<Nesquick`> Didn't think that one throught enough.
<joga> who's emily?
<Nesquick`> Underwhere!!! ... Swap the Dildo for underwhere.... That should be easier to get a hold of... Like, is there any girl at all in your dorm? :>
<joga> no need for such elaborate plan, just rub yer dick until it's semi-hard and go knocking, if it's boyfriend you probably don't need to explain anything, just act amazed until he shuts the door. that should stir them up a bit. I mean, what could happen besides awkward embarrassment OR threesome?
<Nesquick`> Yeah, but who the hell would want a threesome where another guy is involved?
<Nesquick`> You're wierd joga...
<joga> lol
<Mithos> actually, there is a bra pinned to our noticeboard atm
<Nesquick`> :D
<joga> you're saying it's bad?
<Nesquick`> (!)
<Mithos> it got left in the kitchen and no1 claimed it
<joga> Mithos, there's your gear then
<Nesquick`> Hell yeah...
<Nesquick`> Maybe you can do a combo... Rub dick, put bra on it, go knocking...
<joga> and have a hell of a threesome too
<Mithos> :S
<joga> I mean, could be that the other one's more shy and just watches, you know
<joga> or hey! you should wear the bra, put some makeup on and then there's only one guy involved!
<Nesquick`> Hahahaha
<Nesquick`> :D
<Nesquick`> Just hope the boyfriend hasn't seen this before the threesome
<joga> I think this story should be drawn on ... 1266163464
<Nesquick`> :)
<joga> ... 02c693.png
<joga> oh and Mithos,
<Mithos> ARGH!!!!!!
* Mithos feels violated
<joga> already?
<joga> did you even need the bra
<joga> maybe this cute rat thing helps http://actinglikeanimals.files.wordpres ... nggif2.gif
<evil_mercenary> lol.
<Mithos> OH WOW
* Mithos will be entertained for hours by this
<Mithos> in fact
<Mithos> It has just been bookmarked
<evil_mercenary> loll
<Mithos> that's how awesome it is
<evil_mercenary> how about good old pirate.swf?
<Mithos> no
<Mithos> no this is better
<evil_mercenary> lol
<Nesquick`> joga! I finished!
<Mithos> Oh Riiiiight
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Re: The IRC quotes Topic

Postby sardine » 30 Oct 2010, 14:04

hey mithos may i introduce you to my quotes database script:
my shift aint broken - im just too lazy to use it
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Re: The IRC quotes Topic

Postby curson » 30 Oct 2010, 18:44

This thread has potential to be EPIC!

I approve :D
"Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration..."
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Re: The IRC quotes Topic

Postby Mithos » 18 Feb 2011, 13:21

18th feb

* Topic for #dietunichtguten set by heddiz at Sun Feb 6 15:54:18 2011
<curson> damn, parents on the way (flying) to visit me :(
<curson> HAAALP!!!!
<curson> I even cleaned my place
<curson> gonna be 3½ hard days :P
<Hypnosekroete> löol
<curson> and I even had to change background on the computer
<Mithos> curson: remove all of the following from your place: beer, contraception, half naked girls
<Hypnosekroete> i know these kind of problems too good =D
<curson> naked chicks == not nice :D
<joga> o_o
<Hypnosekroete> its alerd red now XD
<curson> nah, they know I drink and not mind me having sex I suppose
<curson> but yes, I sanitized the desktop background :D
<joga> "go on son, don't mind us watching"
<joga> *fatherly fap*
<Mithos> ewww joga
<curson> ahahahah
<curson> that's disturbing
<Hypnosekroete> i only would change background picture because my old father start to sobber and get a heard infact :P
<joga> ... 2aeab3.411
<curson> got a sleek Quantas A380 now ;)
<curson> ahhh the kiwis
<curson> after sharing a house with some
<curson> I can confirm they're nuts
<curson> as the aussies are as well, after all
<Hypnosekroete> kiwi have in german another meaning :D
<Hypnosekroete> ... s/kiwi.jpg <<
<curson> not only in german, that's the name of the fruit
<Hypnosekroete> :O
<curson> but this kiwi: ... n/kiwi.jpg
<Hypnosekroete> thats not a fruit :P
<curson> is a national symbol there, and in english, New Zealanders are commonly called Kiwis
<curson> most definitely a bird
<curson> but same name
<Hypnosekroete> do they have same taste ? D:
<Hypnosekroete> xD
<Hypnosekroete> me just kiddign i know ^^
<curson> I think they eat them, or maybe they used to
<curson> now I think they might be a protected species or something
<Hypnosekroete> btw
<Hypnosekroete> ur parents visiting u
<Hypnosekroete> better go and clean up ;p
<Hypnosekroete> bEFORE ITS TOO LATE !
<curson> I did
<curson> gotta leave for the airport to pick them up in 30 minutes
<curson> but they're not staying here, no space
<curson> they'll sleep at a friend's place
<Hypnosekroete> D:
<Mattias> Too much homework~~~~
<Mithos> so half-naked chicks come back tonight?
<Hypnosekroete> ya he have to store them into his cellar
<Hypnosekroete> D:
<curson> Mithos: ahahah, on Monday ;)
<curson> and they're most definitely not half-naked
<curson> I live alone and I'm single, half-naked just doesn't cut it :P
<Mithos> well, they can't be fully naked or you don't get the fun of undressing them
<Mithos> :O
<Hypnosekroete> hey stop boast up .. these girls are very cheap mostly in the catalog .. and you get the thinks they wear too D:
<curson> LOL
<Hypnosekroete> ^^
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Re: The IRC quotes Topic

Postby Hypnosekröte » 18 Feb 2011, 18:12

What do ya call a Toad's favorite soda?

Who is smarter, a chicken or a Toad?
A Toad of course.

How do you know?
Well, I've never heard of Kentucky Fried Toad!
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