~=final fantasy=~

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~=final fantasy=~

Postby evil_mercenary » 22 Mar 2010, 13:54

just interested: are there any other final fantasy fans here? ^^ trying to start this forum off well ^^

anyone into the music or anything from the games?

whats your favourite one of the series?

any questions you got? ^^

i have every one of the numbered series, except eleven and thirteen (XI and XIII).
love the compilation of FFVII (7)
love the music from pretty much every one, but love especially the music from ten (X), 8 (VIII) and 7 (VII)
then again, there's not any one of them i dont like and dont like the music from. XD

anyways: discuss !!
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Re: ~=final fantasy=~

Postby Hypnosekröte » 22 Mar 2010, 15:57

I heard it is a wonderful story, but never had the time to play it ;( I luved the RPG shadows over riva =D ^^
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Re: ~=final fantasy=~

Postby PSs777 » 27 Mar 2010, 15:29

I got only FFVII, FFX and FFX-2 and FFVII Crisis Core. I also know VIII and IX but didn't really play them.
Played only X-2 and VII though, didn't play X yet but i might do that next week :D

I personally liked FFVII the most X-2 was nice but i liked the story of VII more.
It was a lot of fun to play it even with such bad graphics XD.
I really hope they will make a PS3 remake one day, that would be great. :mrgreen:

Love the music from FFVII the game and also the movie. I also like the music of FFX
X-2 also had 2 or 3 songs i liked but i think FVII had the most especially the remakes that were
used in the movie. 8-)
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Re: ~=final fantasy=~

Postby evil_mercenary » 27 Mar 2010, 22:53

i think, PSs, you'll really like X. other than VII, i think it is the best. it just has such a good story. and i wish they'd kept the battle system from it. X-2 is terrible in comparison....*really* terrible XD
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Re: ~=final fantasy=~

Postby Carnage » 14 Apr 2010, 08:29

Yeh Finalfantasy^^ it allright i hav only really seen final fantasy 7 and that other onewith the thingswhich eat ur arau^^ and there was a gun mad commando :machinegun: but i hav played most of the games cept the ps1 ones :chainsaw:
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