[AxG] vs. [Legion of Caps]

Make a thread to challenge a clan for a funwar. Make sure to add your own clan to the subforum "Challengable clans" and only challenge clans from this subforum. Upload demos afterwards to the thread!

Re: [AxG] vs. [Legion of Caps]

Postby Essiance » 04 Jun 2010, 21:49

Okay, next time we will definitely play all maps on DTG Serv. sardine? Would be nice when you tell me on 19.30 GMT +1 on ICQ, and I give you the server address. I have aserver with 14 slots, so all LoC's can join, when they want to :)

Decide, which maps we will play :) (2 of 4) :D
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Re: [AxG] vs. [Legion of Caps]

Postby sardine » 05 Jun 2010, 10:10

I will :)
Also it might be easier to temporarily open up some irc channel to just make sure everybody has the right info
see you there ;)
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