[Dodging Bullets Clan] VS [Legion of Caps] #2

Make a thread to challenge a clan for a funwar. Make sure to add your own clan to the subforum "Challengable clans" and only challenge clans from this subforum. Upload demos afterwards to the thread!

Re: [Dodging Bullets Clan] VS [Legion of Caps] #2

Postby Akari » 30 Nov 2010, 12:15

Hypnosekröte wrote:But this was long time ago. I thought u guys are organisated now ? :P You still have a forum and stuf f? :D and a channel why you cant organisate ? °_°
We wanna see wars :P!XD

No, they have cancelled this war, but you can always convince them to set up a new one. I wouldn't mind watching some more competition either.
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Re: [Dodging Bullets Clan] VS [Legion of Caps] #2

Postby jngm » 03 Dec 2010, 02:54

Well, since last time, we recruited some new players and others are being active again.

I'll ask about this to all members to know what they think, and see if they are ready (mainly, knowing when they are generally available), so if all goes well, I will put a new post to plan again a war :P
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