Funwar: (The Badass choob) vs [DieTunichtguten]

Make a thread to challenge a clan for a funwar. Make sure to add your own clan to the subforum "Challengable clans" and only challenge clans from this subforum. Upload demos afterwards to the thread!

Re: Funwar: (The Badass choob) vs [DieTunichtguten]

Postby Fjant » 09 Apr 2010, 16:30

Ill play part 2 if im needed.
i cant u/l the demos dont now why u can find eh here
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Re: Funwar: (The Badass choob) vs [DieTunichtguten]

Postby Hypnosekröte » 09 Apr 2010, 21:36

So lol funwar :D

this is the point we start to figure out rules for funwars soon. :fu3:

so this war is cancelt now and dont will play further next time ... Maybe we come in future together make a real funwar but not that soon.

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