Read the rules - Its important for challenging a clan !!!

Make a thread to challenge a clan for a funwar. Make sure to add your own clan to the subforum "Challengable clans" and only challenge clans from this subforum. Upload demos afterwards to the thread!

Read the rules - Its important for challenging a clan !!!

Postby Hypnosekröte » 09 Apr 2010, 22:40

- Every clan can chellange another clan.
- Please use the subject of the thread like this: "[your clan] vs [chellanged clan]".
- Choose a date 2 weeks before the funwar.
- Rules can change so please read these rules before every clanwar.
- Post wish maps you want to play. 5 rounds will be played, so one team have to choose 2 maps and the other 3. The fifth map is, when both teams have the same points in the funwar.
- Post on wish server you want to play exiLe or Die Tunichtguten - Server. Every server have his own physicsettings and i bet you know them if your in the scene =D
- If you sign up the thread you have to come to the funwar with enough time.
- If someone leaves the funwar before the end the player has to expect penalties.
- The penalties will be wrote down in the clanthread under the subforum "Challengeable clans".
- Post all demos and screenshots to the thread after the funwar. Enter your nickname before the fileextansion before upload.
- An admin of Die Tunichtguten have to sign that thread to make the funwar happen, becuase we dont have time every day. But we will replay about the times.
- Dont lame/troll around because its stress situation for the admins.

- 4 players of each clan have to sign up that thread to make the funwar happen.
- An Clanadmin can sign up for their clanmates too. But he has the accountability that the clanmates will show up to the funwar.
- Please only sign up if the organisation for the funwar fully stays!
- Use the signed smiley for sign up a thread, because its more easy for the admins =D.
- Quote what you sign. Your last sign count.

Tip: Here is a good way to overview the forum ->

When the funwar is taking place, how to process:
1) Come on IRC to the server and open the channels #DieTunichtguten and #dtg.war (type: /join #channel). To make this easier you can use the Quakenet Webchat at this URL: . Type /join #dtg.war if you're connected.
2) Wait for the admins and until all other players are on the channel.
3) The admins will set up the server and give you the serveradress. Spectators are welcome if they got invited.
4) Connect to the server and make sure you record demos. Set the cvar "cl_autodemo 1" before connecting to the server to record demos. You can find the demos in /nexuiz/data/demos/*.dem . You can connect using the nexuiz console using the command: connect {serveradress}:{port} or using commandline: nexuiz.exe +connect {serveradress}:{port} .
5) Play the funwar. Make screenshots of every scoreboard after every round.
Ingame rules:
- No Caps in warmupphase.
- There is no tactic rule like on the mainserver for camping or other stuff.
6) Have Fun!
7) Post your stuff on forum.

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