CapBots VS DodgingBullets

Make a thread to challenge a clan for a funwar. Make sure to add your own clan to the subforum "Challengable clans" and only challenge clans from this subforum. Upload demos afterwards to the thread!

CapBots VS DodgingBullets

Postby It'sMe » 23 May 2010, 22:38

I have made the promise... and now we will do it!

The CapBots wanna challenge DodgingBullets :-D

Our preferred date is

Sunday 30th .... 13:00 CEST :-D early time :-P.

Time zone offset: UTC + 2 hours


After the date is clear... xD .... everything will follow :-P (maps and playing members)


CapBots for life!
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Re: CapBots VS DodgingBullets

Postby AsgaR » 24 May 2010, 11:53

I can't, as i said on my forum:
i can't. A friend of me get baptized, and i have to be with it.
So im sorry, i cant :(
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