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Apocalyptic Xtreme Gamerz

PostPosted: 28 May 2010, 17:17
by Essiance
Howdy all,

ha, it's Essiance, and before you ask: "Yes, I left NFC with some other active NFC's and we found our own Clan." It's not creative to call us the Apocalyptic Xtreme Gamerz but we think that [AxG] is a great nice pretty clantag :D.
Okay, we're only 4 members at the moment, but we will be more in the next times. We play CTF but we would be very happy when another Clan will play Team Deathmatch against us :). All modes, we're flexible. We're active, really :D, but mostly on Pk-Servers when we want to play DM or TDm and when we want to play CTF you can find us on the eXile Server. So, whatever you want, you can at least visit our forum on and that would be better if you want to fight us, because we're not really active in that forum here :). It's the better way to ask us there. The AxG-Members are:

For questions you can ask all members of AxG, at leat the admins Fimbultyr or me, Essiance.

We hope we can kick your ass :)

the Apocalyptic xtreme Gamerz [AxG]
in the name of the Clan,



Re: Apocalyptic Xtreme Gamerz

PostPosted: 28 May 2010, 19:16
by Hypnosekröte
Muharhar welcome xD