QBit vs Heddiz :P 1on1 CTF >_<

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QBit vs Heddiz :P 1on1 CTF >_<

Postby Hypnosekröte » 17 Sep 2010, 08:12

<dtg-ctf> <[DieTunichtguten] Heddiz> 23:00 tonight Heddiz VS Qbit first at Exile 3 maps, then dtg 3 maps
<dtg-ctf> <[DieTunichtguten] Heddiz> GMT +1
<Fusselkroete> 1on1 ?
<Fusselkroete> :o
<dtg-ctf> <Akari.DBC 6Ax47> I don't think I can watch this
<dtg-ctf> <Akari.DBC 6Ax47> Someone record demos please
<dtg-ctf> <[DieTunichtguten] Heddiz> yes 1on1 ctf
<Fusselkroete> why u dont announce it in the forum ?:o
<dtg-ctf> <[DieTunichtguten] Heddiz> both me and Qbit will record demos

<Fusselkroete> Heddiz, ?
<Fusselkroete> wish servers ? :o
<Heddiz> First Exile ctf server
<Fusselkroete> main?°_°
<Heddiz> then dtg 4on4 server
<Fusselkroete> k
<Heddiz> Yes
<Heddiz> People will spectate

The meetlaserbeamgrillers are back :P Hope u come to this blutwurst carnache :machinegun:
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Re: QBit vs Heddiz :P 1on1 CTF >_<

Postby Heddiz » 24 Sep 2010, 23:40

Demos and screenshots from that match can be found here

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