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PostPosted: 18 May 2016, 15:04
by Exabyte
Hi guys. I could never imagine it would have come to this, but I'm leaving. It isn't because I am tired of this clan or because there is a new one I like most or whatever related to such things. It's just I am not much active, I am not playing much when I join servers, I am not active in forum or suggesting new ideas to improve clan experience and, yes, I am tired to try to fix my monitor problems which ruin my accuracy in game and make it unplayable. I respect this clan, I feel guilty everytime I show my face in game (if I do) and I don't honour this clan as I should do: I mean, I am not even interested more in searching for good fresh teamates or in joining tournaments or suggesting clanwars. Sometimes I even think I could delete my Xonotic folder without regrets. This clan worths more than me, and I am not actually doing my best to show me as a true DieTunichtguten member. This doesn't mean that there will not be a time for a coming back, it can be. But as I am now I don't find the sefl-confidence to put this tag and its hystory on my nick: it seems to me too unrespectful. Sorry guys, I can't do anything about it, even if I tried. I want to end saying that I spent some awesome moments with those members who came back (eL_Bart0, PSs, PimPamPum, Oxyd, EvilxChicken, TheWho, Biggles, xXperience, Hypnosekroete, LordTiger) and those who came (Luckystripe, Smoothie, Love & Peace) and that I will never forget the occasion you gave me to be a full-member.

I hope this not a farewell, but as I see things now, it can be.

Exabyte aka Hydra aka that ultra ambitious guy.

Re: Leaving.

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2017, 17:40
by Exabyte
I joined back Xonotic a few times already, but I feel this is THE one.

If you don't mind, I'd like to come back and progress with my trial status.
Probably no one will read this. I write it anyway, just so you can now in case you take a look here.

I hope this is appreciated.

See you, if it happens. :smoke2:

Re: Leaving.

PostPosted: 28 Sep 2018, 18:27
by eL_Bart0
I'm happy to welcome back another former member to the family ... good to have you guys on board :mrgreen: