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Leaving the clan

Posted: 25 May 2017, 10:35
by Lord Tiger
Hey guys,
I decided to leave the clan for personal reasons
I wouldn't dare to say I won't return someday, but for now I wanna be a solo player

Hope you guys understand (:

Re: Leaving the clan

Posted: 08 Jul 2017, 22:00
by Exabyte
Late, but I wanted to check it though. Well, lucky you who can still have fun playing Xonotic. I just join from time to time. Have fun as a solo player then.

P.S. Stop being 7/7 24/24 online on Steam. :D

Re: Leaving the clan

Posted: 28 Sep 2018, 18:11
by eL_Bart0
Ah btw: Welcome back to the family, Tiger :role: