New full member: pimpampum

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New full member: pimpampum

Postby eL_Bart0 » 15 Apr 2010, 11:40

It's time to announce something great again. Our very dear trial-member Pimpampum (aka. Pim, aka. 3P) became a full-member here @ DieTunichtguten, finally.
We are more than proud and happy to have such an asskicking and noob-pwning guy like you directly on our side. Let's hope we will have a great time together in future, like we allready had in the past.

Greetings to you Pimpampum on behalf of the whole team.

You are more than worthy to join our rows! :)
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Re: New full member: pimpampum

Postby evil_mercenary » 15 Apr 2010, 13:39

great to see you're a fullmember again pim ^^
good to be in *another* clan together XD
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Re: New full member: pimpampum

Postby pimpampum » 16 Apr 2010, 23:07

thank you all for your patience with me and thanks for the good times on server with you :flen:
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Re: New full member: pimpampum

Postby Hypnosekröte » 17 Apr 2010, 16:30

Welcome dude to the halls of the mighty warriors :vikin3:
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