New full member: PSs 777

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New full member: PSs 777

Postby eL_Bart0 » 21 Apr 2010, 13:16

First of all: It took me quite some time to finally make this official, i have to admit. Many of you maybe know the reasons for that, but nether the less it's with great pride and happyness that i want to announce we got a new full member now :) You all know her and you all love her, i'm sure. Welcome to our team PSs 777, my lil nex queen 8>
She's doing some great 3d modeling work to support the advancement of our servers. You can check out the progress here: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=35
I guess i don't need to say any more words, except for maybe: Good luck and great fights right at our sides

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Re: New full member: PSs 777

Postby Hypnosekröte » 21 Apr 2010, 17:23

Welcome! Now you have to play double that good, that you played before :P Because you joined the army of Darkness ! Wish brings the ev0l over the Nexuiz World till all burns in the hells of lavagiant :evil1: . *baldrianselfinjection* eh i mean n1ce to have you in our team :top3:
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Re: New full member: PSs 777

Postby sardine » 21 Apr 2010, 17:41

have fun in DTG PSs :)
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Re: New full member: PSs 777

Postby PSs777 » 22 Apr 2010, 18:20

Thanks :role:

Twice as good than before? O.o
There wasnt anything writen about that in the agreement i signed D:

Glad to be a part of you now :) looking forward to the nice time we will have lets hope it will be a long one :beer2:

See you on the ctf server Image
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Re: New full member: PSs 777

Postby pimpampum » 24 Apr 2010, 11:05

God save the Queen

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Re: New full member: PSs 777

Postby theraptor » 02 May 2010, 03:56

Congratulations on your acceptance and have fun on the team :)
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