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Postby CrazyBack » 28 Mar 2011, 13:44

Hey guys

Im CrazyBack,fry and c-r in the minsta scene.
im just a guy who plays a little bit nexuiz in his free time and trying to have fun.
ive played some pickups lately against guys like akari,jngm,jompom,arikel,heddiz,pimpampum,oxyd,asgar,spook and so on.

im playing on all minsta ctf servers, on exile with and against qbit,lee,phil etc. ( lee is great^^, one of my fav players^^), on axg with essi and his crew, on choob servers with akari sama^^ and arikel sitting in afk modus on the server :peace:

yes...ur always afk arikel even if its 2 o clock in the morning -.-
btw always im playing on this server i lost my aim for normal minsta ctf :w00t:

and most important thing.
all of u have to come to irc to play pickups. there is always a bigger challenge. so come and enjoy playiing against random teams and have some fun joking around ;)
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