Hi from TBC

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Hi from TBC

Postby arikel » 29 Mar 2010, 18:07

Hello, i'm Arikel, and a proud member of The Badass Choobs.

I've not been playing nexuiz for long. After lots of deathmatches in minsta gib (without hook, mostly on vapor pussy delight), i discovered Die Tunichtguten's CTF server. I had never played CTF, and it took me some time to even understand the basics... Plus, some players there, well, many players there even, are really super strong. Unable to use the hook properly as i was, i was often getting killed without even understanding where it came from. Not mentionning the fact i had no idea where the bases were, what to do with the flag, and so on...

You know how annoying it is to witness a player hidden in a little corner, just shooting meaninglessly at any enemy that will pass by, uncaring of the flags, right? The camper noob, we all hate him... Well... Some time ago i was one of them, and i understand what's going on for them, and it's tough shit : "OMG WTF is going on?! It's WAR out there! I already got shot 3 times! let's find a little safe spot! quick!" I tell you, they're suffering on the battlefield.

One day i was playing, i saw Estelle kick what was to me just another poor camping noob, and i started to argue about it (surely i was in whining mode...). Usually when you start arguing about an admin's decision, on any server, on any game, you just receive a "if you're not happy GTFO", or even a kick yourself. That's not what happened. Instead of that, it turned into a little discussion on irc about what camping was, and it was the occasion for me to see how mature, nice, friendly and funny the guys from Die Tunichtguten are. That was really good.

I still had to discover the awesome skills from all of them. I'd like to give my special thanks to the players from DTG, whom i've learnt a lot from, facing or spectating them, like Fjant, El Barto, Estelle, Heddiz, Hypnosekröte... You guys are awesome players, and an inspiration.

Thanks to Die Tunichtguten for hosting my favourite nexuiz server.
Thanks for the wonderful players of Die Tunichtguten, for showing and teaching me how things get done on the CTF battlefield.
Oh, and see you soon for our funwar... "Please be gentle, it's my first time... :oops: "

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Re: Hi from TBC

Postby Hypnosekröte » 29 Mar 2010, 18:36

<klingonlough>hArHarHar</klingonlough> thx 4 the post xD but in funwar there is no mercy... btw there are no rules in funwar for tactic as like on the mainserver .. you can camp and make all dirty tricks =D Do you have any Ideas how to make the acces to the understanding of the gameplay more easy ? :> We have the Infosystem already, but it seems it is not enough :p
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Re: Hi from TBC

Postby pimpampum » 29 Mar 2010, 21:23

thanks and welcome on board arikel, nice to play wiht ppl like you
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