Hello everyone :)

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Hello everyone :)

Postby LuckyStripe » 03 Feb 2016, 12:08

Hi everybody new active member here :peace:
my name is Axel i am 16 years old and i play xon for about 5 or 4 years now :machinegun:
i am really proud to be member of this fabulous clan even if you are mostly inactive at the moment :zZz2:
my interesst is also in IT and coding but i am at the very beginning of learning about all that awesome stuff :)
so guys i just wanted to tell you... :SPARTA2:
not really :D just that i am here :LOLOLOL:
in Xon i can be found under LuckyStripe and on irc too ofc :role:
I`d love to see some more of you ingame :top3:
LuckyStripe :hammer:
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Re: Hello everyone :)

Postby Exabyte » 05 Feb 2016, 15:35

Hey Luckystripe!!! Finally here, I see. :D Welcome in our clan, I hope you will spend awesome days and feel proud of it...
(ofc you are :lol2: )
Be classy and see you in game! :top2:
Exabyte aka Hydra aka that ultra ambitious guy.
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