Carnage says Hi

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Carnage says Hi

Postby Carnage » 13 Apr 2010, 18:53

Hi I'm Carnage good to be here cause I play on your main server all the time it is gr8 and i hope to improve my skill well I'm from Britain and i love fightin and nexuiz well any shooter games :machinegun: :laserbeam: :chainsaw: :fight1:
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Re: Carnage says Hi

Postby pimpampum » 14 Apr 2010, 09:03

welcome Carnage to carnage server, ops DTG server
see you in game

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Re: Carnage says Hi

Postby evil_mercenary » 14 Apr 2010, 12:25

nice to see ya up and running here at last, jazz ^^

hope ya have a good time on our server and here

frag ya soon :-p :laserbeam:
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