Inso says Hi!

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Inso says Hi!

Postby Inso » 20 Apr 2010, 19:03

Hello thar.
I've been playing Nexuiz (Soon to be Xonotic?) for about a month now, most of that has been instagib on your server. So I thought that I should introduce myself.
I started playing Counter-Strike around 2007, after about half a year I started getting involved in a WC3FT-mod-community where I played regularly until early 2009 when I got sick of it.
At the summer of 2008 I bought a better computer that could run newer games and started getting involved in the TF2 community. A few months later I joined my first clan, the latest year and a half I've been playing in the lower divisions of the European Team Fortress 2 League. Although I'm not sure if I want to continue playing anymore. Time will tell.
The thing that comes after the intro
As I earlier in my post stated I've been playing on your server for about a month. Some of you might recognize me, I usually use Inso + something else as nickname.
My current one is Inso [Elephant race], which is a reference to Dr. Bombays song Holabaloo. Earlier it was Inso - Non-stop no-girl action, but I've also used Inso - Ich bin schwul, in a reference to Raum Der Zeit by Wizo.
Inso is short for Insomniac. I used to type the entire word out, but Inso is both easier to say and more original.
I only play instagib because I think it's more about skill than normal nexuiz. In ordinary Nexuiz the man with the rocket-launcher/sniper rifle/other op weapon will always have the upper hand. In instagib nobody has the upper hand (excluding the few powerups)

Random facts (Because maybe someone'll care)

IRL-name: Sam
Age: 16
Born in: Sweden
Likes: Girls, music, computers, PC-gaming, social studies, philosophy.
Music taste: Mixed, everything except the ordinary. Punk and all it's sub-genres. (bubblegum)Techno, some 8-bit and more.
Political view: I'm social liberal, I'm pro: marijuana, prostitution, abortion etc. Everybody should have the right to do _whatever they want_ with their body as long as it doesn't hurt anybody else. Banning prostitution just oppresses women (and some men).
The government should offer help to those who need it, but at the same time try to not interfere with those who doesn't.
Single-player game: HL2, it's just excellent in every way.
Multi-player game: Nexuiz or TF2.
Movie: So many, hard to decide. In the loop is fun, watchmen is great (The series is even better.), The good, the bad and the ugly is great too.
Book: Metro 2033, not very different from Watchmen imo. They're both about human nature and morale, even if watchmen does it better.
I won't bore you anymore now, and I've got people to frag.
See you on the server! :machinegun:


This message was written during a long period of time, so there might be some inconsistencies. Please ignore them.
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Re: Inso says Hi!

Postby evil_mercenary » 21 Apr 2010, 11:32

welcome to our forum and server inso ^^
i already played with ya while you were "non-stop no-girl action" XD you're pretty good.

great introduction mate, and i hope you enjoy it here.
if ya need anything, just ask any of us members.

cya around ^^
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Re: Inso says Hi!

Postby Hypnosekröte » 21 Apr 2010, 17:15

Welcome and happy fragging ...


äh not this

What do ya call a Toad's favorite soda?

Who is smarter, a chicken or a Toad?
A Toad of course.

How do you know?
Well, I've never heard of Kentucky Fried Toad!
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Re: Inso says Hi!

Postby pimpampum » 22 Apr 2010, 11:16

i hope you enjoy in our server
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