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Application: Mithos

PostPosted: 02 Aug 2010, 15:46
by Mithos
Well I've been considering applying for a while but I put it off until my aim got better, which it now has ^_^
Most of you will have seen me on the servers and IRC but I'll say a quick piece here.
I'm Mithos and I've been playing Nexuiz for roughly 2/3 months, almost exclusively on the DTG servers (loving the physics mods). I'm a big fan of 1on1, and recently have enjoyed ctf more as I have discovered an aptitude for fkills and clearing out campers XD I'm not great at caps though, usually cos Nesquick frags me if I get near the flag :P
Chances are you've seen me on the IRC, I normally hang out there, and I'm normally bored, so I'll join in pretty much any discussion,. the crazier the better (and some of you guys convos get pretty crazy).

That's pretty much it. Oh, and if I say I'll do a short thing, I get carried away and write far too much XD There, now I'm done.

Re: Application: Mithos

PostPosted: 02 Aug 2010, 23:46
by Heddiz
My response to that would be, you need to practice more, you arent good enough yet. but maybe you will grow into the role as a trial-member.

/[DieTunichtguten] Heddiz

Re: Application: Mithos

PostPosted: 03 Aug 2010, 12:28
by evil_mercenary
to be honest, i agree with heddiz: you do need to get a bit better. you're not far off though. perhaps a trial period would be useful, as we could train you...but you really do need to improve before any clan activity, or you'd be like a fish out of water.... :yummi:
well, we'll have to see what the official word is from the others.
no idea how this will turn out.
good luck mate....whether you get trial or you dont get in, you'll have a lot of training to do. no hard feelings :|