Moving to a new server

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Moving to a new server

Postby eL_Bart0 » 22 Oct 2012, 22:21

Hey guys and gals.

As most of you should have noticed allready, we are planning to move to a new server :) We will get the new server in two days on Thursday, 25.10.2012 :)
The old server won't be online in about 4 weeks later anymore, then. We are moving all of our services to the new box. This however will most likely cause some inconveniences ;/
We have to get a new Quakenet trust for our new box, so we can connect more than 3 users to the Quakenet network with the new box. This possibly means that the bouncer service won't be available for some time. I'm trying to keep the downtime as short as possible and will keep the bouncer service and the email accounts on the old server as long as possible. So from now on you will have 4 weeks to get used to the upcoming situation ;D We will move the email accounts to the new box of course, too. However it's possible that some messages will get lost in the time it takes for the DNS-Servers of t3h interwebZ to propagate the new Servers IP in conjunction with the hostname

So expect some troubles till everything is running nice again. I guess most of you will have noticed allready, that the new server is a real beast. We have lots of power and resources and the gaming experience should be better than ever before :)

That's all i have to tell you for now, i will try to keep you informed about changes and upcoming troubles as early as possible, but just remember that there will be troubles, so you can still find your way to our IRC-Channel and stuff ;D

Greetz and

:peace: out

-- eL_Bart0
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Re: Moving to a new server

Postby XPerience » 23 Oct 2012, 22:10

not gaming experience!!! its named "GAMING XPerience!" xD
joke. well. i love you (cause of the server, and the upcoming time with lotz of ppl) ^^

i agree with the troubles and shitz xD
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