French quick LAN at Lille

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French quick LAN at Lille

Postby koshie » 25 Mar 2014, 12:13

Hey peoples,

There'll be a quick LAN in France next month, the 11th April 2014 at Lille (a north french town,

It's only for four hours (19h-23h) but I'm pretty sure before and after that we can share some good times (beer, mostly, I guess. And that's not far from Belgium :3). I'll probably be here (I'm only at ~2h in car/train).

So if you want to met me it's a good occasion. I'll try to honour our clan o/.

It's seems to be a very little LAN but I'll try to get some info. For now it's 8€ / person and there'll be 8PCs. Probably a good idea to bring your own if you can!

If someone is doing DTG T-Shirt, I'm XXL (XL if you've nothing else).

Biggles? I know you're not so far, you HAVE to come!

PS : el_barto, where is my mug? Uh?

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